Ela Gawin

I am looking for busines contact abroad.

My name is Ela Gawin. I am a professional photographic model as well a photographer residing in Poland. I've completed a 5-year Bachelor's degree in Film & Photography Direction at the Yagiellonian University, with a minor on Polish Literature. I am interested in Psychology and occasionally write short stories and articles for the local paper. I speak Polish, English, French, Russian and Latin. I speak a little German and Italian, too. You can learn more about me and my work on
www.elagawin.pl  Currently it is written in Polish but there is a link: egnglish version. Very soon it will be available in English. The site is a showcase of photos of myself as a model, and samples of my photographic work.

I am the proprietor of 'Bank Twarzy' (Bank of Faces), a photo and advertising agency in Cracow (Poland) in operation for the last 9 years. Our company is constantly looking for new models, new clients and business partners. We are able to organise and export modelling shows throughout Europe, as well as send our models on assignment to any location. We are able to provide very competitive and economical rates.

Should you be interested in any of the services we offer, or have any inquiries,
please do not hesitate to contact us.

* Private information: Ela Gawin, not married, age 29 years old

Ela Gawin
31-005 Cracow (Kraków),
ul. Bracka 15 (street)
Telephone: + 48 12 421 22 94, + 48 12 269 45 32, + 48 606 285 176 , +48 501 926 721

E-mail:  elagawin@egstudio.pl   biuro@egstudio.pl
www.elagawin.pl  www.egstudio.pl

 skype: egawin  gg: 47 62 467, tlen: elagawin / I have mikrofon and webcam